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Medical monitoring


The medical monitoring concerns road riders in Professional Teams (UCI WorldTeams and UCI Professional Continental Teams) and some athletes coming from the following disciplines : BMX, mountain bike and track.These riders must undergo a certain number of medical exams so that their health can be monitored.

For road riders, the medical exams are undergone through their team. For BMX, mountain bike and track riders, the medical exams are undergone through their National Federation. The riders subject to the medical monitoring are given below.

Analyses carried out under the medical monitoring programme no longer have to be performed in a UCI-accredited laboratory. Every ISO-accredited laboratory now meets the necessary requirements.


The Medical Consultant is in charge of the implementation and development of the UCI’s medical rules which are designed to protect the health of athletes. The Medical Consultant is the main contact point for UCI’s stakeholders with respect to medical-related issues. The Medical Consultant is exclusively dedicated to the area of sports medicine and does not work on anti-doping matters.

Current UCI Medical Consultant is Dr Anton Zasada. Dr Zasada is a general practitioner in the Netherlands who has been involved in cycling for more than 25 years. Since 1990, Dr Zasada has gained tremendous experience in the field as UCI Official Doctor at numerous UCI World Championships.


List of the athletes subjected to the medical monitoring in 2016

20 First Women BMX

50 First Men BMX

40 First Women Mountain Bike

100 First Men Mountain Bike

40 First Women Track

100 First Men Track


Cardiovascular screening - English

Cardiovascular screening - French

Cardiovascular screening - Dutch

Cardiovascular screening - Spanish

Cardiovascular screening - Italian

Programme of obligatory - Road

Programme of obligatory - Mountain Bike, Track & BMX

Procedure Pathological Result - Road

Procedure Pathological Result - Mountain Bike, Track & BMX

Table of medical tests - Road

Table of medical tests - Mountain Bike, Track & BMX

Declaration - Road

Declaration - Mountain Bike, Track & BMX

Part XIII: Medical Rules

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