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Congress – The UCI’s supreme body

The Congress is the general meeting of UCI members and the International Federation’s supreme body. It meets every year, usually during the UCI Road World Championships.

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Management Committee

The UCI Management Committee is the executive body that manages the Federation, acting under the authority of Congress. It meets at least twice a year , headed by the UCI President. Its tasks include executing the decisions of Congress, establishing regulations, awarding the organisation of World Championships and setting up commissions to help it carry out its mission. It also appoints the UCI’s Director General, a position currently held by Ms Amina Lanaya

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Judicial Bodies

Composed of members independent from the UCI, the judicial bodies are called upon to make decisions with regard to the cycling stakeholders, within the limits of their respective jurisdiction.

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The UCI Commissions are set up by the Management Committee to help it with its mission. As a general rule they are presided over by a member of the UCI Management Committee. Their task is to put strategic or regulatory propositions to the Management Committee concerning the specific discipline or field they are in charge of.

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National Federations

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Continental Confederations

Five Continental Confederations (one per continent) exist, grouping together all the member National Federations on the same continent. In charge of the development of cycling on their continent, they are an integral part of the UCI, and the President of each of them is automatically a member of the UCI Management Committee.

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